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Know your product

Doing it for the farmers

It's tough being a farmer. Battling weather conditions, pests, diseases. On top of these daily challenges farmers are at the whim of wholesalers who determine what they will pay for their product on a weekly basis.

One week a farmer may find their beef is worth a third of what it was worth the week before.

We don't think that's fair. We provide farmers consistent prices for their product all year round.

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Your questions answered

How is the meat packaged?
Your meat is cryovaced with ice packs and delivered in a bio-degreadable cardboard. The Cryovac packaging means your Lamb and beef can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.
What happens if I'm not home to receive my Box?
You can provide instructions on where you would like the box left. You will receive a text to give you an approximate arrival time and also when it's delivered. Your delivery driver will take a photo of your box has been left.
What is the cost of delivery?
For orders over $199 or for our members, delivery is free. For orders below $199, there is a $25 flat delivery fee.
What happens if an order is wrong?
If an item is missing, damaged or the wrong product, contact our friendly support team who will assist you.
Is the meat gluten free?
Yes, all the meat, including the sausages are gluten free.
Is the meat hormone free?
Yes, all of our animals are completely hormone free, which translates to better tasting meat.
What do the animals eat?
They animals eat grass and grain. During the last stage of their life, they eat only grass.